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                                        INNER IMAGE ART THERAPY uses a Jungian depth approach and creative therapy to reach a deeper understanding of self.

 Consistent Group 

For those interested in an archetypal approach (see James Hillman as Researcher of Psyche as Image and Myth on publications page for background ( Meeting every other week for each module.


Tuesdays 1:00-4:00

6 sessions every other week.

May 24

June 7, 21

July 12, 26

Aug. 5

After each module we will assess and determine who would like to continue, any changes we'd like to make etc.

If you'd like to cover the fee monthly - 2 sessions at a time, half, 3 sessions of the full 6 sessions is possible. These would be $120, $180, and $360 respectively.

The idea is to create a level of continuity and development of working with the subjective/personal as the aperture for the collective. When a group works together over time we become more adept at working with the images in the field and how they begin to communicate with each other at an archetypal level. A kind of metamorphosis takes shape that transforms both our subjectivity, and the collective field. I look forward to this kind of depth inquiry with you.


Contact Susanna at                  or 778 433-8354


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