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Mourning the Dream/Amor Fati. A Mythopoetic Inquiry 2018.                                    see Introduction




Book except p. 254-255

             The truth of one's myth and what its mythopoetic purpose is, is to unveil and animate a new alternate narrative which imagines my story reflected in your story, building a depth dialogue: dreaming together. In this dreaming together big, universal, as well as highly personal questions and motifs can be explored. Through inquiry (quest) we can discern what kind of conditions we are creating within ourselves and the world, and so address personal and collective issues. While the reflecting form of hermeneutics is to obtain insight, a reflexive hermeneutics is an active vital part of organizing both the inner and outer world: intention/extension. It is not a passive reception of information, but an engaging form of perception that automatically positions the inquirer ethically and aesthetically in relation to the very phenomenon that activates a mythopoetic response. Reflexivity.

     Our individual story is part of a larger narrative to which we contribute our particular perspective, our way of seeing our unique fragments of the whole. Such fragments, like pieces of a mosaic or stained glass window, form a structure that holds meaning. Building this structure of meaning through images and stories becomes the day-to-day that evolves into soul-work. This daily practice creates an orientation in a landscape that has lost its previous landmarks. Its tending finds interior passages that extend beyond skin, into those hills and valleys, mountains and lakes that are made of shivers, sighs, sobs, insights and deaths. Momentary sensations, feelings and thoughts within the magnetic field of intentions of mind, body, heart, psyche/soul become extensions of deeper impulses that embody themselves in the form of sensation, feeling, thought and intuition which are the foundations and raw material our stories and images are made of. Like a braid, they plait our myth lived out until the ultimate extension where we join the dead.

The Authentic Self and the False Self starting in Dec. see workshop page

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The Role of Supervision in Working with the “Disturber” in  Therapy.     see workshop page

A Model for Mythopoetic Mentoring 

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