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Upcoming book

Mourning the Dream/Amor Fati. A Mythopoetic Inquiry 2017.                                    see Introduction


                                        INNER IMAGE ART THERAPY uses a Jungian depth approach and creative therapy to reach a deeper understanding of self.

Ongoing Process Group

please contact Susanna if interested (new group in New Year 2017)

Thursdays or Saturday or Sunday TBA 1:00-4:00

sessions every other week.

The idea is to create as much of a sense of continuity as your schedule permits,

with the development of working with the subjective/personal as the aperture for

the collective. Working consistently with our emerging images we become more

adept at working with these "guests" in the field and how they begin to

communicate  with each other at an archetypal level. A kind of metamorphosis

takes shape that transforms both our subjectivity, and the collective field. I look

forward to this kind of depth inquiry with you.

Awakening the Creativity of the Child Within: Past Narratives, Future Dreams

This workshop explores images and stories of the child still present in the psyche of the adult.  Through a variety of simple art making activities, aspects of the self that hold important links to creativity and healing are activated and explored in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  No previous art experience necessary.

Thursday Dec. 15, 2016 1:00-4:30

1:30-5:00 @ Studio 556 (556 Toronto St. Victoria)
Call Susanna 778-433-8354 or email: 
Fee: $70 includes materials

The image of the child archetype is a window to the past and to the future, future possibilities. “Jung asserts that the figure of the child in mythology represents not, as for Freud, the actual child but the archetypal child, who symbolizes life’s possibilities” (Segal, p. 123). 

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