Susanna Ruebsaat, PhDc

Susanna Ruebsaat PhD, BCATR, RCC is a Jungian Oriented Psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, instrucor and registered clinical counsellor with a specialty in art therapy. She offers one on one therapy sessions (with or without art making) exploring life narratives (personal myths), and the process of transformation and individuation.

The journey of individuation often presents us with the meeting of the destructive/creative paradox,  and the possibility of a larger awareness that touches the deepest part of our being.

The Authentic Self and the false self seem to speak in different languages. They have different voices and speak of different things. What are they speaking about? What do they each tell us of ourselves? Therapy can be a place of inquiry into these voices and the inner figures they are connected to in relation to the Self, the Ego and the Shadow archetypes.

Individual sessions are on a sliding scale and can be arranged by contacting Susanna through the "contact us" above. Sessions (including skype) are available for private exploration or supervision with registered therapist.


Susanna has done extensive research in the process of image making in the capacities of artist, art therapist and art educator.

Her primary focus is the relationship between image and image-maker through the exploration of inner processes both verbally and/or through art making, work which addresses healing trauma, and re-balancing  the psyche.

Susanna 's Jungian approach allows for the archetypal perspective to frame the process.

Her training in Art, Education, Depth Psychology and Mythology support her research as well as her direct work with students and clients at a variety of levels from community to university: post-secondary educational institutions, private, public, and not for profit sectors, professional associations, and health care professionals and artists.

has a BFA, Teaching Certificate, is a registered clinical counsellor and Art Therapist offering group and individual sessions as well as supervision. Susanna has a Masters in Art Education, one year of doctoral work in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis on Depth Psychology, and completed her doctoral dissertation: Mourning the Dream/Amor Fati: A Mythopoetic Inquiry Looking through a Spiral Lens 2 years ago. 

Susanna has written two theses, a dissertation and numerous articles on the primacy of image in the human psyche, and how this process of inner inquiry accesses the creative core. Her dissertation "Mourning the Dream/Amor Fati" is presently being edited into a book to be published with Wipf and Stock Publishers.

Susanna was formerly the provincial facilitator for the Children and Families Art Therapy Program at the BC Cancer Agency.






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