The Jung Society of Victoria Presents


Dr. Susanna Ruebsaat


A Journey of Discovery into Our Own

Birth-Death-Rebirth Archetype


Mourning what was never to be, and seizing life as it actually is, in the same moment is, a form of archetypal activism of mythopoetic dimension. It is nothing less than loving one’s fate in the face of its very mourning. Journeying into the inner mythic landscape of one’s soul through images and stories of personal myths unearths the presence of an archetypal story that lies beneath or beyond conscious thinking about oneself and the world. 

Myths are epic lamentings, we can draw on as teachings, to bridge the soul-split of the interruption of the birth-death-rebirth archetype. They are attempts at healing the soul-rupture caused by not honouring personal and collective trauma. As a form‘myth-mapping’ mythopoetic inquiry is a witnessing and embodying of archetypal suffering, mapping our way through the images Psyche offers within each of our own myths, as footprints for us to follow her home.


This lecture is based on research findings in the doctoral dissertation “Mourning the Dream/Amor Fati: A Mythopoetic Inquiry Looking through a Spiral Lens” and includes simple mark-making and storytelling activities for participants to directly experience their own mythopoetic inquiry.



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Lecture: Apr. 29, 2016 7–9 pm Hickman 110University Victoria

Cost: Members $15 Non-members $20

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Susanna Ruebsaat, Ph.D., BFA T.ED. MA BCATR, is a Jungian oriented

art therapist and educator, who explores the presence of personal

and collective myths living in Psyche. Art making, fairy tales and self-story

embody the different forms, voices and concerns of the conscious and

unconscious in their ongoing dialogue with soul. Mythopoetic inquiry

delves into what these voices are speaking about in image and narrative, and

how they each inform us of the possibility of an alternate archetypal story

taking place in the deepest part of our being, our humanity. Susanna is in

private practice in Victoria and teaches at Royal Roads University as well as trains and supervises art therapists.!events/c240rresources/1b8347_aac871243a964dda838b9eac6c95c2b4.pdf!events/c240r

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