What Does a Mythopoetic Inquiry Look Like?

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Refereed Papers:

James Hillman as Researcher of Psyche as Image

Counselling Skills: Developing a Mythopoetic Sensibility

Awakening the Creativity of the Child Within: Past Narratives, Future Dreams

Exploring Self Image through Art Making

Pausing for Images

Contributing Columnist 2000-2001:
Taking the Inside View of Making Art (Webzine)


  1. Images and Insight
  2. Images and Insight II: Why Make Art?
  3. Art-making: An Invitation to the Imaginal
  4. Just Imagine the Imaginal: Neither Fact Nor Fiction
  5. Investigating Our Relationship to Images
  6. Conflict
  7. Pausing for Images
  8. I Am Hermes
  9. War Torn: A Heart In the Middle (East)
  10. An Image Always Desires Another Image
  11. Amber Sheaths
  12. The Double; The Outsider and the Uncanny
  13. I Tried/You Tried
  14. Depth On The Surface I
  15. A Very Brief Discussion About Image and No-Image
  16. Leaving the House of Ego: Leaving Home
  17. Myth/Mythlessness
  18. Liminal Moments
  19. On The Problem Of The Interpretation Of The Images Of Our Dreams (Or Art)
  20. Self Image and Suffering
  21. Beauty Is In the Eye
  22. Meaning Lies in the Soul of the Listener

Web Articles:

  1. The Mystery of Interiority. The Interiority of Mystery 

  2. Why the Ego Always Wants to Know 

  3. An Exploration of the Outsider and the Uncanny Viewed from the Vantage Point of Marginality 

  4. Liminal Space as Locus of Legitimacy


  1. PhD Thesis, Simon Fraser University, 2013, Mourning the Dream/Amor Fati.

  2. MA thesis, Simon Fraser University, 2002, Art Making: An Invitation To The Imaginal. Or, Who Is Making The Art? Graduate

  3. Diploma In Art Therapy thesis, Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, 1998, Exploring Individuation Through Images and Experiences of the Birth-Death-Rebirth cycle in Art Therapy with the perspective of the feminine pricipal as shadow.



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