Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is offered for counsellors and art therapist for required hours for registration with BC Clinical Counsellors’ Association, BC Art Therapy Association and the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

Mythopoetic Mentoring in Supervision:

Stepping into the relationship of supervisor and practitioner is analogous to the therapist client relationship, seeing the symbolic and mythopoetic patterns resonating in the imaginal intersubjective field.

Working with the disturber in the transference/counter-transference phenomenon can take place in supervision or “mentoring” of practitioners to increase awareness of the deeply rooted issues arising from the archetypal dynamic of the “other” at the core of both the personal as well as the collective disturbances.

The Inner Disturber

The Inner Disturber

In the disquiet of the countertransference the disturber within is intimating an unconscious call for a change of attitude. Supervision includes this intimate inner figure personifying an archetypal phenomenon entering the imaginal field and—in an atmosphere of support and mirroring of the professional-self—one is invited to be guided by the contents of the counter transference itself. Symbolically, the disturber is transformational, particularly once its expression has begun impacting the intersubjective field.

The disturber has much to say. It often has many demands and criticisms practitioners hear as a subliminal narrative that can disrupt their confidence and competence as professionals. From the perspective of the proposed model of mythopoetic mentoring the practices of 1) deep democracy, 2) archetypal action and 3) seeing symbolically are introduced as tools for working directly with the disturber as it arises in response to the conscious and unconscious guests of the transference phenomenon.